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Character Coaching

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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OCOEE FCA CHARACTER COACHING PROGRAM - A Character Coach is a trusted volunteer presence on the team that assists the coaching staff with the character development of student athletes. They can do as much or as little as the coach and school will allow.  

Character Coaches will be trained to know that authentic presence leads to more opportunities and involvement with players, coaches, parents and school.


1. How is a Character Coach selected?

The Coach of the participating team can either select an individual who would then be vetted and trained by FCA staff, or the FCA staff member in their area can find someone from their MLA certified and trained volunteer pool for the coach to consider. The coach of the team will have control and final say over the selection of the Character Coach.

2. What is the Ministry Leadership Application (MLA) Certification?

The Ministry Leader Application is a series of questions designed to align all those who work within a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Ministry and/or Initiative in a unified and focused direction. The questions are reviewed and followed up by staff before a volunteer is “certified.” A background check is involved in this process.

3. Does the MLA Certification preclude other School District certifications?

No. The MLA lets the participating school district know that the individual has gone through our process for involvement. It is expected and assumed that the Character Coach will go through any and all necessary background checks, certifications and trainings deemed necessary by the participating school district. The MLA certified Character Coach carries with them FCA funded liability coverage.

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