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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Here are the FCA huddles that gather across the Ocoee Region, sorted by county. Please check with your huddle leader for the specific meeting time and location. 


Ocoee Middle School
Huddle Leader: Laurel Allen, Tracey Witt, Brian Bagley, Jermaine Bowe
Church Partners: FBC Charleston - Cliff Howard, NCCOG - Eddie Jones

Cleveland Middle School
Huddle Leader: Terry Esquinance, Jake Moats, Laura Martin, Ryan Swartentruber, Chris Thomas
Church Partners: Westmore COG - Jared Waldrop
Westwood BC - Jeff Duncan
Time: Wednesday Mornings 7:15am in the Choir Room

Lake Forest Middle School
Huddle Leader: Joseph Weeks, Abby Boltniew, Renee Talley, Kelli Edwards
Church Partners: Mt Olive - Russle Hall, Michael Debonas
Living Word - Bob Bevan

Cleveland High School
Huddle Leader: Eric Phillips, Brandi Eslinger, Jamie Baird
Church Partners: FBC - Derek Simpson; S.C. COG - Josh Lane
FCA Area Director/Football Chaplain - Robert Green

Bradley Central High School
Huddle Leader: Robby McIntire, Ben Smith, Jennifer Moore
Church Partner: Grace Point - Football Chaplain -Mickey Clark
North Cleveland Baptist - Jason Cox

Walker Valley High School
Huddle Leader: Richard Jackson
Church Partnerships: New Friendship BC, Chaplain - Nate Todd
Candies Creek
Time: Wednesdays 7:40am in the Auditorium

Tennessee Christian Prepatory School 
Huddle Leader: J.J, Hulet, Jared Tilley, Frank Walker
Church Partnerships: 

Lee University
Huddle Leaders: Turner Lay, Hannah Rotello, Andrea Bailey, Becca Broadwick, Mike Iosia, Mark Brew

Cleveland State - Not currently Active or certified huddle - Looking for a Huddle Leader! 

Etowah City School 
Huddle Leader: Ashley Duggan
Church Partnership:

Huddle Leader: Phillip Cook
Church Partnership:


McMinn Central High School
Huddle Leaders: Dakota Stone, Brent Masingale, Dylan Lawson
Church Partnerships: Englewood Church of God - Dylan Lawson
Time: Day: Club Day Location: Theatre

McMinn County High School
Huddle Leaders: Bo Cagle, Nathan Simbeck, Lynn Monroe, Brad Bennett
Church Partnerships:
Time: 7:45 am Day: Monthly Location:

Athens Middle School
Huddle Leaders: J. Walker, Josh Goodman, T. Foley
Church Partnerships:

Tennessee Wesleyan College
Huddle Leader: Emily Liner, Bryson Baker, Chris Fain, Miranda Young
Church Partnerships:
Time: 8 PM Day: Monday Location: Gym

Etowah City Schools
Huddle Leader: Ashley Duggan
Church Partnerships:

Riceville City Schools
Huddle Leader: Cayci Farmer, Tammy Patton
Church Partnerships:



Meigs Middle School
Huddle Leader: Stephanie Roberts, Bridgette Standridge
Church Partnerships:
Time: 2:25 pm Day: Last Wednesday of month Location: Gym

Meigs High School
Huddle Leader: Elizabeth Jennings, Carmen Choat
Church Partnerships: First Baptist Church - Jamie Davis
Time:3:15pm Day: Thursday (twice a month)  Location: Library

E.K. Baker K-8th
Huddle Leader: Ben Denney
Church Partnerships:


Chilhowee Middle School
Huddle Leader: Pam Hindman, Tommy Leach, Isaac Sumner
Church Partners: Shiloh Baptist Church - Cody Pendagrass
Time: 7:30 am Day: Thursday Location: Bandroom in Gym

Polk County High School
Huddle Leader: Travis Carroll, Kevin Newman, Bruce Underwood
Church Partners: Shiloh Baptist Church - Bruce Underwood, Chaplain
Time: ? Date: 2nd Friday Month Location: Gym
Bible Study: Every friday morning 7:30 til 8:00 Mr. Carrol's Rm.

Copper Basin High School - Not active or a certified huddle - Looking for Huddle Leader!