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Polk County Huddle Information:

Chilhowee Middle School
Huddle Leader: Pam Hindman, Isaac Sumner
Church Partners: Shiloh Baptist Church - Cody Pendagrass
Time: 7:30 am Day: Thursday Location: Bandroom in Gym

Polk County High School
Huddle Leader: Travis Carrol, Kevin Newman
Church Partners: Shiloh Baptist Church - Bruce Underwood, Chaplain
Time: ? Date: 2nd Friday Month Location: Gym
Bible Study: Every friday morning 7:30 til 8:00 Mr. Carrol's Rm.

Copper Basin High School - Not active or a certified huddle - Looking for Huddle Leader!


McMinn Central High School
Huddle Leader: Kyle Hinch, Brent Masingale, Annett Bryant, Jennifer Estes
Church Partnerships: Englewood Church of God - Joe Eaton
Time: Day: Location:

McMinn County High School
Huddle Leader: Lynn Monroe, Brad Bennett
Church Partnerships:
Time: 7:45 am Day: Friday Location: RM#120 Mrs. Monroe - Math Hall

Athens Middle School
Huddle Leader: Amanda Hash, Sandy Starr
Church Partnerships:

Tennessee Wesleyan College
Huddle Leader: Cory Dobyns
Church Partnerships:
Time: 8 PM Day: Monday Location: Gym



Meigs Middle School: Huddle Leader: Sylvia Malone
Church Partnerships:
Time: 2:25 pm Day: Last Wednesday of month Location: Gym

Meigs High School:
Huddle Leader: Justin Jennings
Church Partnerships: First Baptist Church - Jamie Davis
Time:3:15pm Day: Thursday (twice a month)  Location: Library













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Ocoee Middle School
Huddle Leader: Jeni Turner
Church Partners: FBC Charleston - Cliff Howard, NCCOG - Eddie Jones
Time: 7:50 a.m. Day: Friday Location: Choir Room

Cleveland Middle School
Huddle Leader: Donnie Yates, Terry Esquinance, Jake Moats, Laura Martin, Ryan Swartentruber
Church Partners: Westmore COG - Jared Waldrop
Westwood BC - Jeff Duncan
Time: 7:15 a.m. Day: Wednesday Location: Theater

Lake Forest Middle School
Huddle Leader: Blake Beard,  Joseph Weeks
Church Partners: Mt Olive - Russle Hall, Michael Debonas
Living Word - Bob Bevens
Time: 7:50 a.m. Day: Friday Location: Choir Room

Cleveland High School
Huddle Leader: Jason McCowan, Jaime Baird, Eric Phillips
Church Partners: FBC - Derek Simpson; S.C. COG - Josh Lane
FCA Area Director/Football Chaplain - Robert Green
Time: 6:50 a.m. Day: Friday Location: Dome or Little Theater

Bradley Central High School
Huddle Leader: Eddie Frazier, Jennifer Moore
Church Partner: Grace Point - Football Chaplain -Mickey Clark
North Cleveland Baptist - Jason Cox
Time: 7:30 a.m. Day: Friday Location: Classroom B5 or Gym

Walker Valley High School
Huddle Leader: Nate Brown, Richard Jackson, LeAnn Klepzig, Adam Ferguson
Church Partnerships: New Friendship BC, Chaplain - Nate Todd
Candies Creek
Time: 7:45 a.m. Day: Friday Location: Aud. or Mrs. Caldwell's Class

Tennessee Christian Prepatory School
Huddle Leader: Brian Stockton, Darrin Douglas
Church Partnerships:

Lee University
Huddle leader: Josh Clark, Mark Brew, John Piantieri
Huddle Meeting: Monthly (TBA) Location: TBA

Cleveland State - Not currently Active or certified huddle - Looking for a Huddle Leader! 

Etowah City School
Huddle Leader: Ashley Duggan
Church Partnership:

Huddle Leader: Phillip Cook
Church Partnership: