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Team Chaplains / Character Coaches

What is a Chaplain?

As a sports chaplain, it is your sacred duty and high privilege to love and to lead the people. It is your responsibility to pray for, to serve, to challenge and to extravagantly love them. You can do no more and the Lord Jesus expects no less. You must be willing to invest and begin a journey of faith that will be most fulfilling for you and for those whom you serve.

What do Chaplains do?

■Pray for and encourage athletes, coaches, their families and support staff
 ■Be available and equipped to assist in crisis situations
 ■Alert the coach, administration and/or tour staff to critical issues that affect a team,      program or tour
 ■Provide training and resources for character development and life management skills
 ■Coordinate and lead chapel services
 ■Coordinate special ministry/outreach events

That’s why the sports chaplain is among the most strategic points of ministry for our complex world.
 Chaplains in the News

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Team Chaplains

Cleveland High School:

  • Basketball -  (Turner Lay - Lee U Student & Former Player)

  • Football - (Robert Green - Ocoee Region FCA / Area Director)

Bradley High School:

  • Football – (Mickey Clark –  Pastor)

  • Wrestling - (Phil Pippenger - Crossroads)

Walker Valley High School:

  • Football –  (Jonathan Kyle – Candies Creek Baptist)    
  • Basketball -  (Jaime Harper - Former Player)

Ocoee Middle School:

  • Football - (Zach Clevenger - Element Middle School Youth Pastor)   

 Cleveland Middle School:

  • Football - (Coach Donnie Yates - Former Coach)

McMinn County High School:

  • Football - (Cody Smith - FCA Area Rep McMinn County)

McMinn Central High School:

  • Football - (Dylan Lawson - Englewood COG Youth Pastor)

Lee University:

  • Baseball - (Robert Green - FCA Ocoee Region Area Director)