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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA Ocoee Tom Landry Associates

FCA Ocoee would like to recognize the donors who give above and beyond to help FCA Ocoee impact the lives of students athletes and coaches in our local community. These donors are known as the Tom Landry Associates. The Tom Landry Associates, launched in 1981, is FCA's major donor program named in honor of Coach Tom Landry to commemorate his legacy of impact not just in football, but also for the Kingdom, and as a very special friend, leader and benefactor to FCA. The Tom Landry Associates program recognizes major donors who are leaving a legacy of impact for generations to come through generously investing in FCA. The Tom Landry Legacy Associates gift level is $25k a year, and the Tom Landry  Associate Partners gift level is $10k a year.

FCA Ocoee Tom Landry "Legacy" Associates:

FCA Ocoee Tom Landry Associate Partners: 

George R. Johnson Foundation



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